This is Thanksgiving Vacation

At a ranch there’s really no such thing as an actual vacation because there’s always work to be done. Today was no different; except today I was able to tag along. We didn’t have school, so the boys and I ventured to the ranch to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa, wait for John’s sister (and family) to arrive from Chicago, and get some last minute work done before moving cattle tomorrow.  Despite the single-digit temperature, it was a great day.

Gunder and I took a pick-up ride to go see the cows
Pre-fencing selfie
John whips his overalls over his coat; it saves time


Before heading out across the countryside in the Honda Pioneer we were all smiles. This is fun! Grandma had the boys & we got to have a ranch-style date.



Brrr…When it is 9 degrees outside, this fencing business is for the birds. I ran/walked about a 1/4 mile and put the electric wire in the insulators.

Maybe I should have stayed inside with the coffee pot & my book


Well it’s definitely winter in northern South Dakota!  Snow makes ranching quite difficult, but it makes me so happy! It’s like beautiful, sparkly frosting for the world.


While John & I got the fence ready, his dad and one of the interns from KSU preg-checked a few cows.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Before we enjoy our wonderful feast,  we’ll be moving cattle about four miles. Hopefully the weather cooperates. This is one crazy life, but I’m sure thankful it’s mine!

God bless you on this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
– The Displaced City Girl


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