Tractor Date

Whew! It’s a crisp 17° F out there today, and I forgot my coveralls. Whoops. My in-laws are back at the ranch for Christmas. So, the boys and I have spent the day with them. I had no intention of working outside today, but things on a ranch rarely go as planned.

We’ve only just begun Christmas break, and the boys are already getting ornery.  As soon as the boys went down for naps, John and I dashed out of the warm house with the blazing fireplace into the frozen tundra of northern South Dakota.


We needed to hook up the bale forks in order to feed cattle that we have out on corn stalks about four miles away. This is about the time I realized I had dressed like a knucklehead.



Lady even tagged along on our tractor date. She’s an easy keeper. Plus, we needed her a little later on our adventure.




The cows were a little hungrier than we’d expected. I guess they suffer from the same condition I do this time of year; I just seem hungrier than normal!



I’m a tree! There’s no place a yogi cannot practice.


This gal snuck out and left the herd. She learned the misconception behind the old saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” While all of her friends were chomping away on delicious alfalfa bales, she was left alone in a snow covered pasture. Thank goodness for Lady. She did her job and got the cow back where she belongs.

Now, as I sit in front of the fireplace and write about my adventures, my mother-in-law is brewing some delicious-smelling coffee. Have I mentioned how nice it is having her around again? The holidays are the best time of the year!

From our ranch to yours,
The Displaced City Girl


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